Friday, January 30, 2009

New Do!

(sorry for the blurry photo)

Around Ben turning 4 months old my hair started falling out and continues to fall out. It's every where. When I shower all the hair left in the tub you would think I was going bald.... yikes.

Since it's longer and falling out all I do is pull it back into a pony tail. What I seem to do any time my hair gets long enough to pull back.

I decided I needed a shorter cut. Going back to my old stand by- chin length bob- I put some sass into it by going a bit longer in the front!

As for the Bugs hair we have not decided what to do with it?


natalie el-jourbagy said...

awesome new haircut. xoxooxoxo

you look great!

Orange Blossom Kids said...

LOVE the haircut!!