Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yarn Outage

This weekend I was in the mood for a light knitting project. I cannot get into anything to complicated with the Bug needing me so often.

I have a hat pattern that I thought of making but when I went to my yarn stash I found that I had nothing that would work for the hat.

There was a time a while back when I would buy random yarn because it was on sale. No ideas of what I would use it for- I just saw SALE and went for it.

The other thing is I have left over yarn from projects past... what to do with that?

It's always a gamble when buying yarn- even if the project says how many skeins you will need there is the chance you will need more so you buy a little extra and the cycle starts all over again!

I have vowed to only buy yarn as needed for projects and to stick to the pattern!

I hope I don't see any SALE signs soon!

1 comment:

natalie el-jourbagy said...

hehe. Well - you must discipline yourself, grasshopper!

xo ox