Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes that's Drool

I can't get enough photos of him on his belly

There haven't been photos for a while because I wasn't able to get onto the internet with my laptop and with the Bug napping in his room (where the computer is) there was no way to update.

Not sure what happened but now my laptop is able to connect to the internet. This should not be a problem in the near future we are going wireless. The cable guy is set to be here on the 30th. They are busy!

We are also going to be the new owners of an IMac. I think we are getting it today. We are going to make a desk area off from the kitchen so we can use it more and make the Bugs room more for him than a computer room.

so here's the latest... lots of drooling. I didn't realize he was drooling so much until I saw these photos! Wow!

Papa says he's into holding his own bottle. I don't see that because he is still nursing. He really likes his new book "Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See?" He holds onto it and brings it close to his face and looks at it. If you start reading him a book he's not into he squirms and makes a fuss. He doesn't do that with this book.

He's also into putting things over his face and acting like he's in trouble... like he can't breath... flailing his arms around like save me save me. And coughing when we are not looking at him. He stops once we look at him. We have a little boy that called wolf on our hands.


ccb said...

Too sweet! When I visited Amy In NY, her son joey had finally stopped drooling, he started to cut teeth and for a while was constantly drooling, she learned to keep him in lots of cloth bibs to help from his cloths getting soaked and rashes/irritation happening on his little chest.
Hey I just confirmed a couple days of work stuff up in Portland on April 2 and 3, would that be a good time for a visit from me?

The Maunderers said...

He's adorable! I miss you and I want to meet the Bug. We should set up a time to meet, me and the kiddos. What do you think? Coffee on the weekend?

The Maunderers said...

Baby steps.