Friday, February 20, 2009

Half a Year

The Bug is a week away from being a Half Year Old!
25 Weeks!

What he's up to:
1. Trying to eat cereal.
2. Likes to lay on his side and watch basketball.
3. Trying to move away from being swaddled. For now leaving one arm out.
4. Drinking some formula- mom not able to keep up- needs a little help.
5. Sometimes when on belly will roll over to back.
6. Likes to watch and listen to Papa play guitar.
7. Can hold own bottle.
8. Likes being read to. Holds onto the book and tries to turn the pages.
9. Has discovered Miles. Likes to look at him and has to crank his head around to find him. Miles usually leaves the room once he realizes he's being watched.
10. Doing better about riding in the car.
11. Out growing more and more 3-6 month outfits. Headed mostly into 9 month.
12. At times will hold self up in sitting position but still very wobbly.
13. Likes anything that is yellow. Has a couple sun and star toys and those seem to be his favorites.
14. Working on getting some teeth- still none.

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