Sunday, April 12, 2009


I actually have time to upload some photos... The Bug is napping and Blogger won't let me.

Do they not understand my window of doing stuff is so small an Ant can barely see through it.

I guess i will just chat a bit....

Ma Fowler I have MSN messenger on my computer now so we hopefully can web chat. Waiting for your call!

Pepe leaves Wednesday. It's been fun having him here. Maybe today we will check out the garden center- if it's not raining to hard. If so we might hit the mall so he can get some Oregon things to bring home.

The Bugs first Easter- He got a Beanie Baby- Lamb- Sheepishly. The first thing he did was put the tag in his mouth. Had to remove it... I guess it won't be a collectible.

I want to get some Fuchsia starts. Did I already blog about this? Maybe I emailed someone? Anyway I had one last year that did really well and I wanted to note which one it was before they died. Well I didn't so now I have to guess. All I know is I'm packing the container with more than 2 plants. I want full, bushy fuchsia's for the hummingbirds to visit this summer.

I guess that's all I have to chat about. I need to move onto something else the window is getting smaller- maybe a Dust Mite can see through it now!

Have a Happy Easter!

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