Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pool Party

It was Little Bugs first time in the pool. He did great. I got a floaty thing for him with a canopy so he is mostly out of the sun. He was scared of it at first but eventually got used to it and had some fun.

He really like a lady that was sunning herself and thought it was especially funny when she got into the water and started swimming.

Josh is home and we are going to go back down when nap time is over. We will get some photos of him in action.

Something new

I put little bug in the pack on my back for the first time. Well we tried it once before but he cried so we never left the house. This time he had no problems. It's a lot easier and more comfy to have him back there. The only think I worry about is the sun on his head. I don't know if he would keep his hat on back there. I do have a thing I can pull up and over to protect him but he probably wouldn't like it unless he feel asleep.

I cut his hair a tiny bit yesterday. It was getting in his eyes so I just cut a tiny bit off the front. It blends in nice with the short hairs under.

Two of my favorite things are blooming right now and they are in the same yard.

Japanese Snow Drop

Mountain Laurel

I bought a mountain laurel last year after seeing this one blooming. Mine hasn't started to bloom yet. It might get a little more shade than the one here. When I bought it others were blooming so I would think it would bloom even though it's in a container.

I'm getting better with the camera on my phone. At first I took horrible photos and there are still plenty that don't turn out. I was happy with these three.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm ready for the weekend. One more day to go. The minutes seem to be creeping by.

I am home this morning. I actually have been able to do some work. My little bug has been sleeping for over 2 hours.

At this point I begin to worry. Do I go in and check on him only to find he is fine and now I have woken him or do I wait and wait and wait until I hear his little cry and I am able to breath again knowing he is okay?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It works!

I have realized that I have to put my little bug to bed before 7pm if I want him to go to sleep easy and stay asleep.

If I'm getting him to bed after 7:30pm it's so much more work. It usually takes about 5 times of going into his room and letting him know it's all okay before he will settle down and go to sleep. If I get him down around 7pm I just lay him down once maybe twice and he is good to go.

He slept last night from 7ish to 4am. I nursed him and then he went back down until 6:20. Amazing! Two nights ago he did almost the same thing.

It's hard putting him to bed so early when I only get to see him for a short bit after work. I just have to love on him a little extra in the time we have.

I also think he would eat more food if he could feed himself. I put some yogurt on a spoon and let him hold it and he seems to get a little in his mouth. If I try and give him the spoon his lips are closed tight. He will eat food off of my spoon.

He can't walk or talk but he can feed himself!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday for lunch I made the easiest best salad.
I had gotten precooked lentils and beets from Trader Joe's and some Persian Cucumbers.

Cut up the beets and cucumbers added the lentils and a can of sliced black olives- some salt and pepper.

The thing that put it over the top good is I added a spoonful of Tj's Greek Style Plain Yogurt. I am now pretty much addicted to that stuff. It's way taster than sour cream. It is so good.

A friend was over and we could not get enough of it. I have to get more lentils today and make it again. It would be great with some red onion or chives.

Perfect if you need something quick!


The Bug tried his first fresh fruit. He seemed to like it. I'm not sure how much he ate of it. At least he didn't make a horrible face and choke. Progress....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

When He's Older

These are some of the photos we can get out when he has his first serious girlfriend over.

Yes son we put your hair into a ponytail.

I don't know what to do with all his hair. I can't cut it. Many people say once you cut it the curls are gone. I wish the back would catch up with the top.

He has his dads crazy hair. Josh said his hair stuck straight up when he was growing up. For photo day he would have to sneak his sisters hairspray to try and get it to lay down.
School photos just never turned out no matter what you did. I loved how they gave you a little comb while you were standing in line. I wonder if they still do that?

Friday, May 22, 2009


The bug loves this song and cracks up when I sing it to him. He is not laughing in this video and I can't figure out how to take a longer video. After this one I was only able to take about a second of video before it stopped. You get to see him smiling instead and hear my lovely singing voice! Enjoy!


Can you see the tooth? One is all the way through and the other is close. Also has one on the top- hard to photo that one.

New Rug

Little bug got some new stuff for his room. Trying to make it more his room, than a place to store stuff. New curtains, new rug, new lamp.... we are getting there.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Downward Dog

It's been a week and one day of our up down method of getting the bug to sleep on his own.
So far it seems to be working- some days are harder than others. It's been taking any where from one time to about 14 times.

He seems to be getting the idea. We are still only getting a half hour out of him. There have a been a couple times where he has slept for an hour or so. It seems like he has an egg timer in his crib and at 30 minutes exactly he is awake. Sometimes we have luck of getting him back to sleep other times we just get him up and deal with a tired boy.

Today I was going to try and not go right to him. One book we read said if you get to them before they wake up fully you can get them back to sleep. Other books say to leave them to figure out how to go back to sleep. With Ben it seems he just gets so worked up there is no going back to sleep.

With the time between getting him to stay down I decided to do some yoga poses. Wow am I stiff. It's relaxing and I don't just sit there and wonder if this is going to work.

Sleep is very important so why is it the most difficult to accomplish?

We are still working on eating solids. It's hit or miss with him.

One day at a time/ one minute at a time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's.

We went to REI and I got my sandals. The Red Chaco's.

Ben got a hat to wear in the sun and a Nalgene bottle that is bpa free! He's ready to go hiking!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

We miss you Nana!

Dodge Tough!

Ben is Dodge pickup tough!

Nana had such good luck getting him to sleep yesterday. She even put him to bed before leaving to go home. He slept from 6:30pm until 3:30am. Not a peep. He was tired.

The first nap today I did it for a hour- no luck- got him up and we took Miles for a walk. The second nap I decided I was going for the long haul. If I got to a 100 I would figure out what to do then. I was determined not to get to 100. A hour later and 60 times he was asleep- for 20 minutes. In again up and down 2 more times. This is where I'm at now. Wondering if he will sleep for at least another 10 minutes so I can count it as a nap. A hour would be perfect.

He needs to sleep. I have one more day of this and then it's Josh's turn. I have a feeling he will do better for Josh. He is going through a phase of not sleeping for Josh but he has always had luck where I have not.

Keep your sleepy thoughts with us this weekend and I will keep you posted.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Something worked!

I have to admit I was not looking forward to my first Mother's Day!
You wonder why would someone not be excited about celebrating their first Mother's Day with their little sweetie. Well this is why...

We have had a rough week. Last weekend Ben went down around 6pm and woke about an hour later. I decided this was the time to try out letting him cry and see if he would go back to sleep. Well an hour later (I did go in once or twice) he was still crying. Josh had to go to the airport to get his mom so I put Ben in bed with me. Thinking this is the worst night to try this because they were to have fireworks across the street. Well he slept through that and slept with us that night.

The rest of the weekend went as usual Ben not wanting to be put down at nap time, me holding him the whole time. Night time- him not wanting to go into his bed, sleeping with us until 11 or so and then going into his bed for a few hours and then back in with us.

Monday came and Josh had a hard time with napping. He won't let Josh sit down and hold him or put him down. This doesn't work for Josh. He needs Ben to nap on his own.

After a week of him not napping very well we decide this weekend we are going to have to try the cry it out method. Everyone says 3 nights of trama and they are sleeping on their own.

Last night was my last night to snuggle with him. At bed time he went right into his crib and went to sleep. He woke his normal couple times- I feed him and he was back to sleep. (The next bad habit we need to break)

Yesterday Josh is thinking there has to be an answer in one of the 3 books we've been reading that will tell us what to do once we have a problem. His mom was napping and was thinking about it when she went to sleep. Josh was reading through the "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" and in the very back he found our answer.

We were doing what the author calls "accidental parenting". It worked to hold Ben until he feel asleep well now we have worked our self into a bad habit.

Basically she says to lay him down and when he cries pick him up. Hold him until he settles down and then lay him down again. She says she has done that 45 times- even 100 times.

This sounds better than letting him cry it out. I decide this morning I will try it out. Well 101 times later- I was sweating- there was no sign that he was going to fall asleep. I got him up. Nana and I took him and Miles for a walk.

I was going to get a pedicure so Nana said to go she would try and put Ben down. She left me a message saying it to her 19 times and finally he was like leave me alone- please don't pick me up again.

I think there is hope. I'm up again- it's his 3rd nap. Trying to keep ahead of him getting over tired. Well it took my 64 times. I was beginning to think no way is this going to work. This kid is to tough for me. He will out last me or at least out last my back. On the 64th time he stayed rolled over on his side and didn't flip back over on his back and start kicking his feet.

I have to note that this time there was not as much crying. There were long pauses between me having to pick him up where he would just lay there or talk a little bit. I was beginning to think he would talk himself to sleep but then he started to get worked up.

I cover him up and sneak out of the room. I am able to start this post and 20 minutes later I hear him. I go in there put his bink back in his mouth he rolls over and is asleep- I'm thinking really is this possible? I sneak out again. Only to just sit down and hear him again. I get up go to his door- what? quite? I think really is this possible? He has fallen back to sleep on his own. Um... no I go in and 5 times more of trying to put him down I decide nap time is over.

We will try again next time!

They say 20 minutes isn't considered a nap but I will take it. It's 20 minutes that I didn't have to hold him. Rome wasn't built in a day and this baby will not sleep on his own in one day!

We have to be consistent and that is what we will do. Just when I think I can't do it I do it!

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Has a tooth.

It finally broke through. I can feel it. There have been two little buds there for over a couple weeks. Finally!

This is how he's been feeling lately

It's been tough around here because he is not wanting to nap unless he is being held. I have been reading "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth, M.D.

His big thing is early bed time. I usually aim between 7-8. Tonight I think we are going to aim for 6-6:30. I'm going to try laying him down awake... no holding until he's alseep. We have been trying the no cry method and it's good but it's breaking our backs. He might cry a little tonight- we have to try something. I won't be able to let him cry long if that's what ends up happening. He needs to learn how to fall asleep on his own. If all goes well he is supposed to sleep through the night.

I will let you know how it works.

Friday, May 01, 2009

did you know?

That blueberry flowers smell?

I didn't.

There are some bushes in our apartment complex with tons of flowers on them. That means there will be tons of berries soon.

Josh found them last year. I don't think any one knows they are there because there were lots of berries to eat. I would walk Miles and pick some for breakfast.

I will have to wonder over there with my camera and get some photos.