Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dodge Tough!

Ben is Dodge pickup tough!

Nana had such good luck getting him to sleep yesterday. She even put him to bed before leaving to go home. He slept from 6:30pm until 3:30am. Not a peep. He was tired.

The first nap today I did it for a hour- no luck- got him up and we took Miles for a walk. The second nap I decided I was going for the long haul. If I got to a 100 I would figure out what to do then. I was determined not to get to 100. A hour later and 60 times he was asleep- for 20 minutes. In again up and down 2 more times. This is where I'm at now. Wondering if he will sleep for at least another 10 minutes so I can count it as a nap. A hour would be perfect.

He needs to sleep. I have one more day of this and then it's Josh's turn. I have a feeling he will do better for Josh. He is going through a phase of not sleeping for Josh but he has always had luck where I have not.

Keep your sleepy thoughts with us this weekend and I will keep you posted.

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