Saturday, May 16, 2009

Downward Dog

It's been a week and one day of our up down method of getting the bug to sleep on his own.
So far it seems to be working- some days are harder than others. It's been taking any where from one time to about 14 times.

He seems to be getting the idea. We are still only getting a half hour out of him. There have a been a couple times where he has slept for an hour or so. It seems like he has an egg timer in his crib and at 30 minutes exactly he is awake. Sometimes we have luck of getting him back to sleep other times we just get him up and deal with a tired boy.

Today I was going to try and not go right to him. One book we read said if you get to them before they wake up fully you can get them back to sleep. Other books say to leave them to figure out how to go back to sleep. With Ben it seems he just gets so worked up there is no going back to sleep.

With the time between getting him to stay down I decided to do some yoga poses. Wow am I stiff. It's relaxing and I don't just sit there and wonder if this is going to work.

Sleep is very important so why is it the most difficult to accomplish?

We are still working on eating solids. It's hit or miss with him.

One day at a time/ one minute at a time!

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