Thursday, May 28, 2009

It works!

I have realized that I have to put my little bug to bed before 7pm if I want him to go to sleep easy and stay asleep.

If I'm getting him to bed after 7:30pm it's so much more work. It usually takes about 5 times of going into his room and letting him know it's all okay before he will settle down and go to sleep. If I get him down around 7pm I just lay him down once maybe twice and he is good to go.

He slept last night from 7ish to 4am. I nursed him and then he went back down until 6:20. Amazing! Two nights ago he did almost the same thing.

It's hard putting him to bed so early when I only get to see him for a short bit after work. I just have to love on him a little extra in the time we have.

I also think he would eat more food if he could feed himself. I put some yogurt on a spoon and let him hold it and he seems to get a little in his mouth. If I try and give him the spoon his lips are closed tight. He will eat food off of my spoon.

He can't walk or talk but he can feed himself!

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