Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pool Party

It was Little Bugs first time in the pool. He did great. I got a floaty thing for him with a canopy so he is mostly out of the sun. He was scared of it at first but eventually got used to it and had some fun.

He really like a lady that was sunning herself and thought it was especially funny when she got into the water and started swimming.

Josh is home and we are going to go back down when nap time is over. We will get some photos of him in action.


Natty said...

Cuteness... Wow... the little bug is growing up faster than you can say 'Why haven't I been able to stop by yet?' :(

My parents are here and will leave after the 15th. Maybe I could swing by then.

Much love, Nat

Zone8 Knitter said...

you can stop over when ever you want. I think it's best to just call when you want to come over. Ben and I are always home saturday and Sunday in the morning. Josh is working so we are home. We tend to go do things in the afternoon.
If you get up and are in the mood to come over give us a call.
Hope you are having fun with your parents.