Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something new

I put little bug in the pack on my back for the first time. Well we tried it once before but he cried so we never left the house. This time he had no problems. It's a lot easier and more comfy to have him back there. The only think I worry about is the sun on his head. I don't know if he would keep his hat on back there. I do have a thing I can pull up and over to protect him but he probably wouldn't like it unless he feel asleep.

I cut his hair a tiny bit yesterday. It was getting in his eyes so I just cut a tiny bit off the front. It blends in nice with the short hairs under.

Two of my favorite things are blooming right now and they are in the same yard.

Japanese Snow Drop

Mountain Laurel

I bought a mountain laurel last year after seeing this one blooming. Mine hasn't started to bloom yet. It might get a little more shade than the one here. When I bought it others were blooming so I would think it would bloom even though it's in a container.

I'm getting better with the camera on my phone. At first I took horrible photos and there are still plenty that don't turn out. I was happy with these three.

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