Friday, May 08, 2009

Something worked!

I have to admit I was not looking forward to my first Mother's Day!
You wonder why would someone not be excited about celebrating their first Mother's Day with their little sweetie. Well this is why...

We have had a rough week. Last weekend Ben went down around 6pm and woke about an hour later. I decided this was the time to try out letting him cry and see if he would go back to sleep. Well an hour later (I did go in once or twice) he was still crying. Josh had to go to the airport to get his mom so I put Ben in bed with me. Thinking this is the worst night to try this because they were to have fireworks across the street. Well he slept through that and slept with us that night.

The rest of the weekend went as usual Ben not wanting to be put down at nap time, me holding him the whole time. Night time- him not wanting to go into his bed, sleeping with us until 11 or so and then going into his bed for a few hours and then back in with us.

Monday came and Josh had a hard time with napping. He won't let Josh sit down and hold him or put him down. This doesn't work for Josh. He needs Ben to nap on his own.

After a week of him not napping very well we decide this weekend we are going to have to try the cry it out method. Everyone says 3 nights of trama and they are sleeping on their own.

Last night was my last night to snuggle with him. At bed time he went right into his crib and went to sleep. He woke his normal couple times- I feed him and he was back to sleep. (The next bad habit we need to break)

Yesterday Josh is thinking there has to be an answer in one of the 3 books we've been reading that will tell us what to do once we have a problem. His mom was napping and was thinking about it when she went to sleep. Josh was reading through the "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" and in the very back he found our answer.

We were doing what the author calls "accidental parenting". It worked to hold Ben until he feel asleep well now we have worked our self into a bad habit.

Basically she says to lay him down and when he cries pick him up. Hold him until he settles down and then lay him down again. She says she has done that 45 times- even 100 times.

This sounds better than letting him cry it out. I decide this morning I will try it out. Well 101 times later- I was sweating- there was no sign that he was going to fall asleep. I got him up. Nana and I took him and Miles for a walk.

I was going to get a pedicure so Nana said to go she would try and put Ben down. She left me a message saying it to her 19 times and finally he was like leave me alone- please don't pick me up again.

I think there is hope. I'm up again- it's his 3rd nap. Trying to keep ahead of him getting over tired. Well it took my 64 times. I was beginning to think no way is this going to work. This kid is to tough for me. He will out last me or at least out last my back. On the 64th time he stayed rolled over on his side and didn't flip back over on his back and start kicking his feet.

I have to note that this time there was not as much crying. There were long pauses between me having to pick him up where he would just lay there or talk a little bit. I was beginning to think he would talk himself to sleep but then he started to get worked up.

I cover him up and sneak out of the room. I am able to start this post and 20 minutes later I hear him. I go in there put his bink back in his mouth he rolls over and is asleep- I'm thinking really is this possible? I sneak out again. Only to just sit down and hear him again. I get up go to his door- what? quite? I think really is this possible? He has fallen back to sleep on his own. Um... no I go in and 5 times more of trying to put him down I decide nap time is over.

We will try again next time!

They say 20 minutes isn't considered a nap but I will take it. It's 20 minutes that I didn't have to hold him. Rome wasn't built in a day and this baby will not sleep on his own in one day!

We have to be consistent and that is what we will do. Just when I think I can't do it I do it!

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