Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Bug had his first play date with a little guy that is 3 days older than him. I thought he would be all over the little guy thinking wow this guy is my size... but no they barely paid any attention to each other. The one time they did was when one had a snack and the other one wanted it.

Lots of new toys to play with and I got ideas of some foods to try. Their little guy pretty much eats everything that they do. I'm thinking I need to go that route and ditch the baby food or least some of it.

This morning I rearranged The Bug's room. I want it to be totally safe for him to crawl around and eventually pull himself up on things. I think I am almost there. I need to get some outlet covers and work on a few cords but other than that I think's pretty good.

I lowered his bed to the last level. The last thing I need is him learning to pull himself up in his crib and me finding him on the floor!

Yesterday we watched some little guys playing baseball and went on the big boy swing at the park. It was a good day- lots of fun new things and not much napping.

Hopefully today he catches up some. He looks very tired- a little guy shouldn't have bags under his eyes!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you and Bug are enjoying the summer activities! I love you :)