Friday, July 03, 2009


So far this holiday we have eaten a lot of frozen mango's and berries in front of the ac. It's a roaster outside. I feel it's to sunny to take the bug to the pool and besides he has a cold. Not much fun for swimming.

I have been celebrating today with some frozen raspberries floating in some bubbley...

The bug is pretty much all over the place. Sometimes dragging himself military style and some times just full on crawling. He has been doing some downward dogs... wondering if he is going to be walking soon. There are a few things that he will pull himself up on.

He has discovered Miles and thinks he is a real crack up. Last night I was trying to get him to sleep and Miles was in the room and he would not stop laughing. I had to try and get Miles out of the room.

Miles had a rough time last weekend. I got up on Sunday to see that his whole left side of his face was swollen and he had a big hard spot under his jaw. We took him in and he had a bad tooth so they removed it to find that there were two teeth that needed to come out... so a lot of money later he now has super fresh breath and actually stays in the room with us instead of slinking off to the other room to be by himself.

I have the little bug caged up right now in his play pen. He is yaking away...wanting me to come save him. If I want a couple minutes to do anything where I don't have to worry that he is going to grab a light cord, pull something down on himself or crawl into the smallest spot in the house I have to put him in his play pen.

We hope to visit some friends tomorrow- who have the same cold so no worries about spreading germs... maybe the farmers market in the morning. Josh has the day off... and then who knows.

Happy 4th if I don't get back to say anything. I need to get some photos of the little guy. I tried today to get him in downward dog but he was to quick for me. I think I will give him a bath in hopes to cool him down.

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ccb said...

Happy 4th- hope you find relief from the heat, we are hoping to kayak today so we can just get wet when we get hot:0)
Cant believe the rooster is crawling, talkin and walkin soon....oh and that bubbley sounds yummy! cheers!