Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Why do I feel like I'm going backwards when it comes to bed time. For something that we as adults would love to do more often, why is it that our children want nothing to do with it? Wait- let me take that back they are into it if they are sleeping on us or near us.

I like having the Bug in bed with us but we don't get a lot of sleep because he is very active. He will sit up often and sit there for a minute and then fall over back to sleep. I don't think he was even awake he just sits up and then crashes.

Since it's been so warm I have been letting him lay in bed with me- letting him unwind while I sing songs and tell him stories. After many songs and many stories he starts to get sleepy eyed and will eventually drift off enough where I can put him in his bed.

Before this heat we were doing so good about getting him down by 7pm- 7:30pm. A few songs and he was out and in his bed asleep. Now I feel like we are back about 40 steps trying to get him to sleep on his own.

I don't know if its the heat, teeth, growing, or just a phase but it's tough. Just when I think all is going forward I feel myself slipping backwards.

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