Sunday, July 12, 2009


Why is all the information geared towards the mom being the stay at home- homeschooler? I was curious and typed in Dads who homeschool and it's interesting what I found.

Most of the sites are what dad can do when he gets home from work and on the weekends or they are Christian based. Is there no dads out there who stay home and homeschool there children that aren't ministers on the side?

I never thought about this but the more I look into Waldorf schooling the more I am finding it's all about homeschooling. Josh is the parent that spends most of the days with Ben. I feel bad for him when I am reading something from a blog that I think he will find interesting and it's all about mothers and what they can do with their children.

I think times are changing and with the way the economy is I am surprised there are not more stay at home dads out there getting their voices heard on the internet.

Maybe Josh needs to start a blog!

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