Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a Note...

If you are thinking of ever buying the LL Bean Extra Large Tote- you need to realize it's EXTRA LARGE!

I have a couple of the mediums and now with The Bug and all his stuff I thought the extra large with the zipper top would be nice to have for day trips and play dates!

It's nice if I'm planning on putting The Bug, Miles, two beach towels, a six-pack, 2 bottles of wine with glasses and opener, diapers for a month and a maybe my cell phone in there.... Yes it's that big!

I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten the LARGE! Josh is like what are we going to have one of each size? I'm like why not? I don't see a problem with it. They're not the same color! He just rolled his eyes and walked away!

He will never understand the need for bags!


ccb said...

I love the bean zipper tote! I think mine is only the large, although it is still super big, it becomes my pantry when we camp and holds the food and the liquor and then some. I really cant imagine the XL...then I have the really small one with the long straps and no zip top... Hmm, I think I need a good size in between too ;)

harbingersofhappiness said...

We had the large ll bean bag and used it a ton so we asked my mother-in-law for another one at Christmas. We thought we did have the x-large so she got us an x-large!
It is crazy big!
We have the zip top one too and I think I could fit both of my sons in there at the same time.
I will say that we have been using it on library trips lately. The only problem is that when it's full of books and videos I can barely lift it!
I love the ll bean bags!