Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Knitter

Today I broke out the yarn and needles... a bit dusty. After sneezing (just kidding) the bug and I got busy. I should have taken some photos but didn't want to ruin the moment.

I found this sight Nest: Brining Warmth Home and am totally inspired to knit some things and send.

The fun thing about this is Josh's Mom has a great friend who lives there and I have asked to see if she knows the lady doing this project. Josh's mom thought she would since she is a knitter and a do gooder!

I decided to use up my scraps of yarn by making fingerless gloves. I started a pair and while I was doing that the little guy had a great time playing with my yarn stash.... I then had a great time untangling it. He really likes string and spent probably a half hour or so just pulling it and looking at it and feeling it.

Yesterday we went and got him a new car seat- he still has to face backwards- only a little over a month to go and he can face forward- can't wait. We also got him a new high chair.

Here he is enjoying some breakfast and cartoons.

This little guy is hanging out on top of our air conditioner.

I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some work and heard something on the air conditioner. Thinking it was a bird I looked out only to have this guy looking in a me. I thought he was going to jump onto the window screen. We are on the top floor that would be quite the drop if things didn't work out. He must climb down from the roof. I see them up on the roof every once in a while. daring little guy!

Little Bear project will have to wait until next weekend. I need to get some supplies. I thought I had some of things but found I must have tossed them in a past get rid of it craze.

Time to stock up!

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