Sunday, July 12, 2009


A peony from the farmers market. I was playing around with our photo editing and this is what I came up. Pretty good for me! ha!

Ben and I went to the park this morning and on the way back we stopped and picked some blueberries. I had both cup holders on the stroller full, the empty container we had cherrios in, and one of the cup holders by Ben filled to the top with berries. I could not stop picking them. If I could have put them in my pockets with out smashing them I would have.

I can't pass up free berries.

Here is the water bug in action at the birthday party we went to yesterday.

Do you love his little pinky! So danty for a tough nut!

Here is the uptight bug stuck in a wagon on the 4th. He was not liking it at that moment. Little Joel is in the back ground trying out the ergo pack... his mama had to get one it was so comfy! Little Joel is a snuggler and needs to be close to his mama.

Here is the updated nature table. We picked some Hydrangea's at the park- the newest addition to our nature table. I put a little antique on the photo... more editing!

Ben's birthday gifts arrived yesterday. It's hard not to give them to him now. I am excited for his birthday! I cannot believe it's almost a month away.

I am off to do a few things while the guy is sleeping. Enjoy your sunday.

Oh... what do you think of the blog colors? I just can't seem to be happy and continue to change it. Any suggestions?


harbingersofhappiness said...

I like the colors.
The blue is quite nice!

The Magic Onions said...

Your nature table is beautiful. I love the 'fairy's wings'... I haven't seen them that big before! Your blog is also wonderful... I'm glad I found you and will be visiting often! Thanks for posting on "Friday's Nature Table".
Blessings and magic.