Friday, July 31, 2009

Not that easy

I decided to swing by the fabric store on my way home from work. I told Josh I would be quick... an hour later I was in a panic running around the store- I almost ran over a worker- I think I scared her.

It all started with this cute flannel fabric with birds on it... I decided I wanted to make something a little special for Christmas presents and so I found some fabric and then made my way over to the patterns. I found the pattern I wanted pretty quick then headed over to the supplies I needed for my little bear project and mind you I don't have a cart, because I was only going to be there a quick minute and who needs a cart when you are limiting yourself. A tiny bunch of odds and ends later I make my way to the cutting counter. I ask this lady if she minds that I pile my odds and ends on the edge of the counter while I wait she doesn't mind and notices my pattern. We get to talking about the fabric and the pattern only for her to tell me that the fabric I have won't work with the pattern. I'm thinking why not- does it really matter? Well I guess it does- the pattern called for stretch cotton so I grab all my stuff and head back over to the patterns because I really love the fabric that I found.

Pattern counter lady is of no help- I'm thinking look lady I need to get going I was only suppose to be a minute can't you see my pain here and could you find me a cart? Well I decide to look for the stretch cotton only to find that the prints were not as cute as what I had but I just didn't have the time to look through the catalog to find a pattern that would work so I am back to the cutting table- after deciding I was crazy and got myself a cart.

So now I have some fabric and a pattern, stuff to finish my bear project and dreams of the pattern that is out there some where so I can use the pretty fabric I originally found.

With my stash of yarn that I never know what to do with I figured it best not to buy fabric with out knowing what I was going to use it for. I had control! I am proud of myself and then I went home and found a nice tote to put all my craft stuff in so I stop leaving piles around the house. Tomorrow I am ready to be ultra craft gal and hopefully have some photos to post.

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