Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yesterday on the way home from work I stopped by a great little store on Division....

I found things for our nature table and some things for the nature table exchange.

I decided to make a birthday box to hold all of Ben's birthday ring treasures and other special things for his first birthday!

I also made a box for us to keep things for the nature table- we can change things out and when we find new things for seasons to come we can put them in there.

"Peter in Blueberry Land" is a sweet little book. The author, Elsa Beskow has many books all of which were first published in Swedish. I hope to get more of her books. The one I really want is "Around the Year". It has poems for each month.

The project I want to do next is needle felting. There are such cute little things to make. The sites I find say it's easy but it looks to be kind of hard. I need to get a kit and try it.

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