Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Found the little guy loves cucumbers. I was at the market the other day and had a red onion in my hand and he wanted to take a bite of it. I figured he wasn't going to like that and I was going to like having him in my face after he did it so I broke off a piece of cucumber and gave that to him. He went to town on it. We were just at a birthday party where they had cut up cucumbers and he ate about 3 pieces.

They had a pool so tiny got to go swimming and use his floaty thing again. It was a little chilly so I didn't leave him in there to long. I don't think he really wanted to get out.

He was so sleepy that after his bed he was lights out.

I wanted to make a nature table for Ben and at first it was on top of the microwave. Not the ideal place for a nature table I know but it was the only place that was free of clutter at the time. I have since moved it to his room. I have a wood file cabinet in there and I moved the nature table there. It has a light and his noise machine and a photo of him with Josh and I. I figured that was a good place- it's close to him but not to close that he can grab the stuff.

So here is a photo of the microwave table...

i will have to take a photo of the updated table tomorrow. I have a small vase of sweet pea flowers, a pine cone, a couple samara's (maple helicopters), a beeswax bunny candle, and some things off a birch tree that look like little pine cones.

We have signed up for the season round exchange so we hope to get some fun stuff for our nature table. I have been brain storming and trying to come up with some ideas of what to send the family we receive. One thing has to be hand made- up to 5 items and they have to be part of the harvest theme.

I have been trying to find patterns on line to make little felt animals or things... I have a good tiny bear pattern. I am going to get some materials tomorrow so I will have some photos of that project down the road. I need to get crafty and start making some christmas gifts so I am not overloaded come the holidays.

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