Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Letters Story

We have a big bird stuffed animal and if you squeeze his hand he tells you do things... like touch his nose, count to 10, and to tell a story about letters... At first I was tell a story about letters? I thought it was kind of corny.

Well the other night while the Bug was in the tub I started to tell a story of each letter in his name. The first letter is all alone and wants other letters as friends. He comes across the second letter and they decide to be friends and continue on and then they find the third letter and they have so much fun together spelling his name that they decide to meet at the same spot every day.

I stick to a main theme- the first letter is always hiking, the second letter is always floating down a stream or river and the third letter is always asleep under a bush. From there things change. I have told him the story the last couple of nights and I find it kind of fun to see what I come up with.

Sometimes I rhyme with out trying and sometimes I will end up saying something that makes no sense and sounds odd but it's fun. I hope it continues as a bath or bed time ritual.

I just got the book "you are your childs first teacher" from the library. I am very excited to read it and am thinking I might need it for my book collection because there are so many things I will want to reference to at different stages of the Bug growing up!

Has any one read the book and what did you think?

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