Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Tv

I am trying to start a no tv Sunday. I did have it on for about 15 minutes this morning. First out of habit and second I had to run Miles down so I had it on while Ben was in his play pen.

I got the coffee on and then the tv went off. So far so good. We did lots of cleaning and organizing. I washed the floors- on my hands and knees with a rag! I don't think they have been washed that way in a while.

It feels good.

Yesterday I realized around 1pm that the tv had been on all morning. We were doing things not just vegging out in front of it, but still 5 hours of tv is not good.

I am the type of person that will have the tv on for background noise instead of music or just quite. I need to get out of that habit.

We are starting slow and am going to try no tv Sunday's and try to incorporate it more through out the week.

The hardest time is the morning. It just nice to have it on and go through the morning. It's off by 9 or 10, but still it's a bit much every day.

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ccb said...

I am always conscious about turning the TV on. I also do not have a small child to entertain all day long but I try not to do it unless I need to catch the news or something. It is actually John who usually flips the switch on. I choose music instead and in the past year or two I have actually caught myself in silence which is wierd but I like it. My new favrite thing to do is pick out 5 cd's I havnt listened to in forever and put them on shuffle for a couple rounds then I listen to them individually once through and then I pick 5 new cd's. I am due for a new selection right now but I can hear that John has just turned the TV on...oh sigh...its funny cuz lately if I sit down on the couch at night after dinner/shower etc to watch tv I am asleep in 15 minutes. I need LOST to come back to keep me up past 9 o'clock...LOL