Friday, August 07, 2009

Not Sure

I'm sitting here thinking why do I start these projects... back to the sewing story. I thought the nightmare ended when I finally got the right fabric. Um... no it continues on to the actual sewing of the project or should I go back a step and say the cutting out of the pattern.

When I think of sewing I think how hard can it be? Well it's hard. I am working on a two piece project and have the whole thing cut out. Have started sewing part one and already had to tear it out because my stitches were all bunching up. I sit here and glare over at my sewing machine. So new and nice if it could just sew on it's own I would be oh so happy.

I am going to attempt this project and if it turns into a mess I am going to ship the pattern, fabric and supplies to Ma Fowler and beg her to make them for me.

Ma Fowler I wish I was in your sewing room right now and I could come and get you to help me!

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