Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Week and One Day

We are a week and a day away from the little tiny turning "1"! I can't believe it! I can't believe I survived. It was tough there for a little while.

Here are some current photos of what he is up to now... he likes to open his mouth really big and hold up his hand when you take his photo. I have lots of photos where he is doing that.

Relaxing and watching a little tv... I can't find that brush he is holding. It was his favorite thing for a while.

Standing in his little play area we made him in hopes that he would be so occupied he wouldn't want to play with the dvd player or tv.... He is watching The Lawrence Welk Show.

Do you just want to take a nibble out of those chunky turkey legs? Little leggies.

Chasing around his birthday gift from Nana. It's a Geranimal pop bead that he is flicking around and chasing all over like a little kitty. He did this for about half an hour or so.

Some little projects we have been working on.

I took his little red sox shirt that he out grew, I think the day after I got it and made it into a little pillow. Big Bird had been wearing it but I put him in a celtics outfit. (thanks for the pillow idea Kristina)

Here is a peak at our nature table exchange gift. I can't show you all of it because they might check out my blog and I want it to be a surprise... We have to mail off the package mid september. All I need is one more thing and make a decision on something else I want to add.

I need to finish up my fingerless gloves that I will send off to someone in need in Maine. I have to send that off pretty quick. All I have to do is finish the ribbing on one and sew them up.

I have about 10 projects currently going on. I will be happy when one is finished. Well I guess I did finish one- the Red Sox pillow.

Happy Sunday!
(second Sunday of NO TV!)

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