Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Our nature table exchange gift we received.

Christmas 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Finally life is starting to feel a little bit like normal. Many of you do not know that we moved this past week.

We found a house to rent and it happened all very quickly and smoothly. Our lease at the apartment was ending in December and we happened to find a great house that was available and ready to move in.

We are very excited to finally have...

A fenced in backyard
A garage
A washer and dryer (new- we feel grown up)
3 bedrooms
hardwood floors
and many more things that are better than living in an apartment.

I just found a Montessori Preschool around the corner. We prefer Waldorf but if in the end we had to choose between Montessori and public preschool we would go with Montessori.

Very quite nice neighborhood with 2 parks very close and also super close to my work. I could bike to work this summer.

As promised here are some photos of the advent wreath and calendar. I am using the Bug's birthday ring as the advent ring and the birthday Gnome is standing in as the Christmas Gnome.

Very excited about the Eric Carle's Pop up Advent calendar I found it at the Portland Nursery when we were there for the apple tasting.


Sunday was the first day of Advent. We lit the first candle at dinner time.

I found a cute little poem to say when we light the candles! I need to get some more brass candle holders- once I do that I will have a photo to share.

If Papa forgets to light the candle at dinner then we have it for bath time!