Saturday, January 23, 2010

Botanical Interests

I did it! I started some seeds!

Micro Greens Spicy Mix
Micro Greens Mild Mix
Arugula Mediterranean 'Rocket Salad'
all three sowed in a wooden wine box....

also bought Lettuce Mesclun 'Farmer's Market Blend' and Beet 'Early Wonder' they will have to wait until I get the raised beds built. Though I was eyeing this strip along the back fence!

I am a bit concerned because where I had in mind for the garden might not get enough sun. It's hard to tell because the sun is hardly out and it's January. Today the sun was out and I watched the area and it pretty much was in the shade. I hope it changes because it's the absolute best space for a garden... away from the house just enough that hopefully the little one won't want to spend all his time pulling up the plants or digging where I planted some seeds.

Oh the smell of the greenhouse at the local nursery brought back memories of UNL landscaping... I wanted to stay in there all day and feel the warmth. There were citrus plants all in bloom and some had fruit. It made me wish I had a greenhouse and could grow lemons and limes!

There was the cutest black and white speckled hen wondering around the yard. I wanted so badly to touch her but was afraid she would peck me. I knelt down to take her photo and she came towards me. I think she thought my pink cell phone cover was something she needed to peck so I got up quickly and she headed in the other direction curious about the cover over the outdoor faucet. There was a little hole and she kept looking in it and then on the top of the cover. Not sure what she was trying to figure out but it kept her busy for some time.

Oh how she made me wish I could have a pet hen... what would I call her? Maybe Poppy or Mrs. Freckles. Maybe that will be our next pet.

I also bought a crocus, daffodil and 1 primrose to add some color to the front porch. The house has a planter hanging by the front door with old crumbly dirt... I added the primrose and divided up the crocus and put one on each side. They are only starting to grow so down the road I will have a cute, colorful flower box. I will take photos tomorrow the day got away from me.

We have a little guy who I think is getting the last of his teeth. A fever and lots of crying and drooling. He went to bed very early. We were able to get out and found a school really close with a nice play ground. We spent some time there today while the sun was out.

Here's what he was doing last year!

It was a good day. I hope the sun is out tomorrow and we can spend some time outside. Oh how I wish spring would hurry up and get here. I guess I should be glad that we live where the climate is mild and I don't have to wait for the snow to melt.

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Anonymous said...

I looked at Little Man in his hooded sweatshirt and it brought a tear to my eye. What a cute little man and these are the moments that I am so grateful sis, that you are a Mommy too. I love you both. XOXO

Love your little sister, Annie