Thursday, February 11, 2010

Broke Ground!

There is this corner in the yard that has been bugging me ever since we moved in. When I am outside with the Bug I stare at the corner and try to figure out what needs to be there.

When I am in the house I look outside to the lonely corner and wonder what needs to be there.

Well today I couldn't take it any more. I came home early because Josh had an appointment. It wasn't raining so the Bug and I started digging. I squared off the corner. Basically followed where the grass was not really growing. The problem with the corner is there is ivy growing up the fence and there is a tree that hangs over the corner.

I don't think the tree is going to be that big of a problem in regards to blocking the sun because the sun comes from across the yard. The ivy might cause a problem. I'm trying to decide if I just cut it all off or try and manage it.

I'm thinking some rocks or some sort of boarder needs to be set up along the back side and then something along the front to one keep the pooka out and two to keep the child out of the area.

Tomorrow I am going to finish getting all the grass out of the space. It's pretty much done. Then this weekend get a few bags of compost/ top soil and work that in.

I'm thinking some early seeds- beets and salad mix will work while I figure out what I want to do with the space. Do I make it a veggie space or a flower space?

It felt good to dig in the dirt. My muscles haven't felt that burn in a while. The Bug had fun- unless he fell down of course then it kind of sucked. If he had dirt on his hands he would stick his hands in his mouth... I'm like it's not chocolate you want to lick off child!

He was quite dirty and had to get stripped down before going into the house.

I will try and take some before photos tomorrow... i had to charge the camera battery.

Here are some photos of today's play time... We tried the play dough again

but as you can see he would rather be banging on his papa's guitar than playing with silly play dough. Play dough is for babies (or Pooka's)! Rocking out is for toddlers!

do you like the bangs... i had to cut them so he could see but we think it might make him look more like a girl... maybe it was the pink sash we had tied around his waste! oops!

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