Monday, February 15, 2010


I have to say thanks to Kim for making my raised flower beds. I wanted to help but found I spent my time making sure a certain little helper wasn't getting into the nails, playing with the re-bar, trying to get the saw or trying to escape out the gate!

I'm not sure who had the harder job.

Here is what we have so far...

This morning started out with Ben and I going to 7 Dees for compost. We ended up with compost, some sweet peas and a bag of soil that is nitrogen rich for the blueberries.

We saw the chickens. We covered almost every corner of the nursery- Ben kept calling them "doggie". Everything is a doggie now a days. We did find out their names are "Dottie" (close to Doggie) and "Chicky". They were fun to follow around. Very into scratching and looking at things.

Then around 1pm we headed to Lowes and got the material for the raised beds, came back home and got busy. Ben and I finished clearing up the corner of the yard and we planted the 3 blueberries Kim had been keeping for me. He took over their care when we moved into our apartment. They did really well in pots for 2+ years.

That paver you see in between the flower beds was in the space next the house where I planted a Hebe that I have had in pot for way to long. I think that is where I am going to grow my herbs. I usually keep the garbage cans there but think they need to find a new place to live.

I also planted a few sweet peas along the fence in various spots so there will splashes of color around the yard this spring/ summer.

After this post I am going to order the tomatoes I want from Burpee. I have to get them from Burpee because they are Burpee Exclusives.

I have also decided to grow sunflowers along the garage. I am so excited for this spring and summer. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Here is how are day ended- me trying to take photos of the plants.

They are blurry because I had this guy following me around crying because I wouldn't give him the camera.

Thank goodness he was so tired from not napping more than half an hour and all that gardening he is in bed fast asleep.

Now off to order plants!!

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