Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Star Fish

With his little friend Joel!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i just went to check on the garden and there are little green sprouts.

Turnips, Radish, Arugula, Lettuce!

That was fast.

Before we know it there will be fresh veggies to be eaten!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

We spent the first day of spring at the PSU farmers market and then the rest of the day playing in the sun!

Flowers from the market.

I got the yard mowed and the garden watered. With a little help from this guy.

Dinner was roasted chicken with turnips and potatoes!

It was a nice first day of spring.

Monday, March 15, 2010


It seems I never have time to post anything. When I plan on doing it after the Bug goes to bed it's a night where he doesn't go down very easy.

He is working on getting his eye teeth in and this weekend was a little rough. Out of all his teeth these are the worse. He never cried or fussed with his other teeth. These one's he has done it all. I have to say Hyland Teething Tablets are a saviour. I had to run to Rite Aid last night at 7:30 to get some. We were not going to make it through the night with out them.

We were able to fit some fun in this weekend.

My live Basil I got at the super market! Fresh Pesto in our near future.

The Bug had humus and apples for lunch

Saturday Dinner and for Dessert!

My cake did not turn out as pretty. When I turned the cake over onto a plate to get it out of the pan the top of the cake stuck to the plate and I didn't have any powder sugar. It's tasty just not pretty.

Sunday we went to Seven Dee's and found this...

... Our dream Chicken House!

We saw Dottie and Chickie and we bought lots of seeds. This years seed of choice is "Botanical Interest"

We came home and planted all of these...

Spinach Lavewa
Turnip Purple Top White Globe
Carrot Little Finger
Radish Easter Egg Blend
Kale Italian Lacinato
Onion Italian Red of Florence
Leek American Flag
Arugula Mediterranean- Rocket Salad
Beet Early Wonder
Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market Blend

One bed is full and the other will have soil in a couple of weeks and wait for warmer weather veggies. My Burpee Tomatoes should be shipping March 31- April 7th. Can't wait. I have never ordered plants. It will be interesting to see what kind of shape they arrive in.

Today I went and bought fencing to put up around the garden. I planted the onions and the leeks along the fence and Pooka loves to run along there and water them... and then I noticed that there were little Pooka tracks in the bed. Hopefully the fence will keep him and the Bug out long enough for the seeds to get started.

The Earth Machine is up and running. It was super easy to put together. I have put straw around the base of it since this photo. I am actually going to bark dust all around the beds and the compost to make it easier to maintain and neater. That way I can have containers out there as well.

I have left space so in a couple of weeks I can go back and plant a second round of seeds for a longer supply of goodies!

Happy Spring everyone... it's next weekend! Also the first PSU Farmer's Market! See you there????

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Monday I'm getting The Earth Machine... Let the composting begin!!!!