Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i just went to check on the garden and there are little green sprouts.

Turnips, Radish, Arugula, Lettuce!

That was fast.

Before we know it there will be fresh veggies to be eaten!

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nikkiruneaiden@yahoo.com said...

o my goodness,u have just exactly what suits u ! u have done so well. i'm pritty speachless. they well everything looks GREAT. and u wouldn't b were u r if u hadnt cut ties. u moved away and did good, i was wild at home when i moved away, i flushed my life down the toilet. and just think if u would have cum and got e that guy and u would have broke up and i had already messed up ur life. i know what i missed out on, and it makes me very sad would u take sum advice not that u asked 4 it , but please never argue or fight in front of Ben , always put him 1st, no matter what, make sure he knows u and everyone in his life LOVE him and they won't 4 get him . please do that, that way he never feels how i feel . i love u , no matter what ! nik