Saturday, May 15, 2010

Growing Garden

A quick look at what's growing!

Herbs- Basil, chive, Lemon Thyme

Greens, patio tomatoes in the green containers, bush pickle in the white container... seeds haven't sprouted yet!

leeks, more bush pickles, marigolds, tomatoes- can't remember what i bought- one has beaver in the name- thought that was a funny name for a tomato had to get it.

I like the containers because I can move them around to where the sun is!

Potatoes! Love that they are doing so well. I keep mounding dirt up around them and they just keep growing. First time growing potatoes. We grew them when I was younger. I remember digging the up with a pitch fork.

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wendy said...

Your garden looks great! And I love the pictures of Ben. He's growing up :-)