Sunday, May 23, 2010

Round Three!

I plantd a new row of arugula. The other two rows were starting to bolt so I got rid of them.

I can't keep the slugs off my cucumber starts. The seeds barely get out of the ground and they get eaten off.

My potoatoes are growing like crazy. I mounded the last of the dirt I had around them. I poked around in the soil but couldn't find any little potatoes. Not sure how long it takes to get some.

Still have lots of lettuce. Cut some today. Found a slug while walking in to the house and found another one on the second rinse. Decided I needed a third rinse. Will have to seriously inspect while preparing my salad. That would be the end of my lettuce eating if I found a slug in my prepared salad!

It's rained on and off all week and all weekend. When the sun does decide to show it's face things are going to grow like crazy.

I found leeks and onions are the slowest growing things. I don't see myself eating a leek or onion until this fall. They are so thin and spindly. I could mistake them for a blade of grass.

Beets are a close second. They are still small and not looking like they will be ready for awhile.

I thought all the early spring stuff grew super fast.

Off to make some pasta salad! Yum summer!

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