Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Crow

Day 1- I discovered a baby crow in the back yard. Josh didn't think it was a baby because it was so big. You could tell because he had really short tail feathers and when mama or papa would come down to the ground he would open his mouth making a noise that only meant one thing... "feed me"!

Mama or Papa - watching over! They never went far. They flew around and made lots of noise at me when I went out to take photos.

Day 2. I made Miles go out on a lease during the night because I didn't know where he was sleeping.
I found him in the morning hanging out in my veggie garden.

I guess their eyes are blue when they are little and then turn black. I don't think his eyes were blue- I think it was the flash.

Hoping around the yard.

Later that day he was on the wine crate I keep in front of the compost bin. He was flapping his wings. Next thing I knew he was on top of the compost bin and then finally up onto the fence where he hung out for a bit.

I was worried because I saw a cat on the fence a bit later- Baby bird was in the tree and finally the cat fell off the fence. I assume he is okay and can fly.

So now I have empty nest syndrome because my little crow grew up and flew away! They grow up so fast!

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