Saturday, July 17, 2010


Once again we went to the blueberry patch... I think I have enough- now waiting for peach season to start. $2.50 a pound seems quite high.

The next farm we stopped at had strings of flags- roping off parts for parking. He thought they were the greatest things and ran up and down squealing.

Running down the field.

One of the two goats that live on the farm!

Pool party we went to later in the day!

Eating strawberry/vanilla ice cream! Pretty good stuff!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Good Weekend

Mowing the lawn at a 4th party.

My first TOMATO and round of carrots

Heading to the blueberry bushes at theU-Pick place

We spent most of our time walking around the bushes that didn't have any ripe berries. By the time I found the "jackpot" The Bug was over berry picking. We should have went where the people were. They seemed to know what they were doing. I didn't realize it was the first day they were open. We picked/ bought 5 and some quarts. They are in our new freezer. I hope to go next week and get one more round and I think that will keep us through the winter. The bushes were covered. We just need some nice sunny days and it will be easy picking.

Blue Lake Park. We went there for a BBQ with friends.

The Bug loved the Margarita Pie... at one point he had 3 spoons trying to snag bites from the pie plate.

Little people can't swim in the lake until they are 5 because of all the duck pooh.... instead The Bug got to play in this fun fountain. It was a little on the chilly side as the sun decided it needed to go away as we headed that way. He had fun even though his lips were blue!

Relaxing after a long weekend. Eating a blueberry pancake and getting caught up on some cartoons. Mile's begging paid off he got quite a big bite of the pancake.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Little Potatoes

First potatoes of the season! These are from two plants. The whites didn't do as well as the red. The plants are so tall and they were crowding out my tomatoes.

Going to cut them up and bake them with lots of salt, pepper and olive oil... yummo.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

Sipping a Zesty Drink made with the Lemon Zest Vodka and lemonade... I put a little sugar on the rim. Can't tell it's made from Grapes!

Friday, July 02, 2010

This weekend!

We might go HERE
stay local and go HERE

Making THIS for the 4th of July Party we are going to

Sipping lots of THIS

Want to watch THIS

Probably won't see any of THESE

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Long Weekend!

Looking forward to the long weekend. Odd to think today is July 1st and it doesn't feel like summer has even arrived. We have had a few nice days but it seems like more not so nice days.

We hope to make it to the coast this weekend. This will be the little one's first visit to the ocean and the first time in a long time that we have been for a visit.

Party on Sunday that will be fun because an old time friend is visiting from out of town!

Happy 4th to you all if I don't make it back on here until summer officially arrives.