Monday, August 09, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

Can you believe how big my tomatoes are? This looks like a large bush... no it's 3 tomato plants.

My latest sewing project. Found a travel pillow at target. It's the perfect size for The Bug's crib. I don't think they make travel pillow covers so I was going to cut up a pillowcase when I remembered I had this cowboy fabric. Turned out pretty nice. It's pretty fluffy- he seems to like it. The last thing I sewed for him (a blanket) he threw it out of his crib the first night I gave it to him.

Watching TV eating baked beans for dinner. Probably not the best dinner but hey the kids likes beans!

Sorry for the bad photo quality- these photos were taken with my phone!

The Bug has been doing really well going to bed. No more laying down with him. We hang out for a couple songs then I put him in his bed. Give him a kiss and tell him I'll be back shortly to check on him. I don't hear from him until morning.

I have probably jinxed myself and he will be crying any minute now.

He's totally into music and dancing. First thing he wants in the morning is MUSIC. He makes the sign for it and says it. Won't stop until something is playing. Tonight he was dancing around the dining room to the Scorpions.

He loves his piano and smashes it regularly. Miles has taken to hiding in the bedroom. Yes he's deaf but the boys playing is loud !

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ccb said...

I love that you have a music & dancing bug!