Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hello Friends!

For those of you that actually look at this blog... I am still here. I know there has been nothing new for almost a month.

Where does the time go?

Life is busy and hectic right now- who am I kidding when is it not busy and hectic?

I guess right now it's a little excessive.

The Bug is enjoying his summer. Running around in the backyard naked when ever he can. Taking "Messy Art Wizard" at the local community center. Listening to music when ever we feel like playing it for him and just being a boy who is about to turn 2!

Papa finally got out of TJ's. 10 years of service with "No Thanks"! Not really they did take care of us- insurance, weekly pay and a nice 10% discount!

Miles is 15 and loving it!

That's a wrap on us for now. I hope to have some photos soon of something fun. Maybe our summer vacation to Maine.... We are looking forward to that.

Do check in from time to time- we are still around!

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