Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Busy

Just looked over the calendar for the remaining part of the year.... Um There is a lot going on in OND (October, November, December)

OND is like a swear word. It's a time of craziness at work. No one is allowed time off. The calendar is blacked out for vacation request.

A good portion of my families birthdays are in OND!

Only 7 more pay days in OND!

Tonight I realized I haven't written down any ideas for christmas gifts. This time last year I had 3 things made! What THE OND have I been doing with my time. I did some quick brainstorming and decided on what this years gift is going to be. Can't give any details as you who are reading this might be getting one of the decided gifts or maybe a last minute gift card to "Blank" if I run out of time.

I just bought some supplies on line from a hip fun site. I was looking to see what was on sale and they had noted a discount code to use when checking out. I love that. I totally punched it in and saved $2.45! Half my shipping cost!

Now that I have calmed down a little, I realized I do have one gift done. I guess I'm a bit more ahead than I thought!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Two Great Things!

1. First Day of Fall

2. 4 years ago today I married a wonderfully, sweet man!

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Vacation 2010

Maine was wonderful and here are the photos to prove it!

Little shop on Long Island, Maine

Ben's little Cousin- Dillon

Papa and Gammie Sammie

Us at the Beach! As soon as we got there Ben was saying "I'm done and pointing to the cars" we didn't stay long!

Papa and Ben on Long Island. We drove a golf cart around all day! Ben took his afternoon nap on the cart while Papa drove us around.

Saying good by to Grammie Sammie's beach house!

The Ferry ride back into Portland, ME... Again "I'm done"!

Kennebunkport, ME with Pepe! Ben's Birthday get together.

Elijah with his birthday money! That kid loves money!

Ben and his little cousin Lillian. Josh and her dad are cousins... so are they second cousins. The family thing was confusing me. He's showing her how to swiffer the yard!

Elijah's birthday was a week before Ben's so they had a shared birthday cake!

Us with Josh's Dad and Aunties!

Grammie Sammie and Ben at Nana's house for a little get together.

Josh with his Pop Pop (Grandpa)

Josh's Mom and Pop Pop

Josh and Ben with Uncle Kevin and Uncle Brian!

Ben found some chips. He had another bag there as well- he went between the two of them until we finally had to take them away from him.

The Crowley Clan... with Lee (Nana's boyfriend)!

The Boy being crushed by pillows! Now that he's two we are going to work on the binky... hopefully just for naps and night time. I know he will hide them! He is sneaky like that!

It was a great vacation. We got to meet lots of family I have heard about. The weather was amazingly hot and humid... and we made it out of there before Earl struck New Jersey! I don't think it was as bad as they thought it was going to be.

Thanks to all you Mainers that showed us a great time. Hopefully we will be back soon!