Friday, October 08, 2010


My new favorite things to knit are Cowls. I can't wait to get this Book! I ordered it and it should be here next week!

I discovered it while reading one of my blogs on lunch and had to order it immediately. I can't wait.

I'm currently making one from a free pattern I found on line. I had some left over yarn from Christmas gifts past. The drag is I don't have enough to finish. That means I have to buy more of the same color. I do like the color so that is good. I just want to buy new colors if I have to buy yarn.

I might have to venture over to Alberta tomorrow and stock up! Well enough to finish the current Cowl and maybe one other color. I have to wait and see what kind of yarn the patterns in the book call for as I have bought yarn in the past thinking I will use it and then never do.

Happy to have the knitting needles back in hand.

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