Friday, March 11, 2011

ZOO Time!

A couple weeks ago we spent the day at the zoo with the Schulte Girls. It was fun. Here are a few photos but for some reason I cannot get more to download will try later.

I got my map and I'm ready to check this place out.

Mama I'm in my nest- feed me, feed me!

Whose afraid of "The Big Bad Wolf"

Ride em' Cowboy

I used to watch these girls when they were Ben's age! Oh how fast they grow up.

Ben had an amazing time. He ran around the whole zoo. I wanted to bring the stroller but knew that i would not be able to chase after him if I had to worry about the stroller. He loved chasing the girls and had a great time. We had lunch at the cafe and when it was time to go all he kept saying was "my zoo".
Hopefully I can get more photos to download.

Here are a few more!

He loves the Bears!

Spring is Springing!

My little crocus!
My Little Daffodils... I had to put a fence around them as Miles likes to run along the fence and they were not getting the chance to grow before he would stomp them into the ground!

Chives anyone?

Well Hello There!