Friday, March 11, 2011

ZOO Time!

A couple weeks ago we spent the day at the zoo with the Schulte Girls. It was fun. Here are a few photos but for some reason I cannot get more to download will try later.

I got my map and I'm ready to check this place out.

Mama I'm in my nest- feed me, feed me!

Whose afraid of "The Big Bad Wolf"

Ride em' Cowboy

I used to watch these girls when they were Ben's age! Oh how fast they grow up.

Ben had an amazing time. He ran around the whole zoo. I wanted to bring the stroller but knew that i would not be able to chase after him if I had to worry about the stroller. He loved chasing the girls and had a great time. We had lunch at the cafe and when it was time to go all he kept saying was "my zoo".
Hopefully I can get more photos to download.

Here are a few more!

He loves the Bears!

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