Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo Catch up

Last Days in the Crib... He never did learn how to climb out. He could climb in but not out! He is jumping up and down that is why he is blurry.

Big Boy Bed part I. Auntie Mary is still working on the frame so that will come shortly.

Checking out his iPod on his new bed! He won't sleep in it yet!

New sleeping bag for camping. LL Bean!

Photo Ben took of me while we were playing in his tent. That image on the left up close is his finger.

Self Portrait!

Hanging in the tent!

Multnomah Falls. When Ben saw it he said "That is humungous!" He is a little obsessed with water falls so thought he might like checking out a real one. He liked it.

Papa and the Boy in a little cave!

A garlic I grew from last fall. I put the cloves in last fall and this is my first harvest. I have about 8 or so still out there will keep them for a bit longer and then try drying them.

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natalie said...

My how times does fly by. So weird. Great photos!!! :)