Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Yard

Finally got some veggies in. Only growing 2 tomatoes. One that can be grown in a hanging basket and a patio variety. After buying the hanging basket variety I realized I don't really have a sunny spot to hang it so I have it sitting on a turned over clay pot. Bottom left of the photo. Also have some eggplants and peppers going. Haven't grown either in a long time or never so it will be interesting to see how they turn out. Potatoes that came up from last years harvest!
Romaine Lettuce, Bright Lights Chard and Garlic. The garlic was planted last fall. Not sure when to harvest it?

Planted some hen and chicks around the edge of the bed. I have tons of them and figured I would spread them out a little. Miles isn't sure about them! Chives, Peony, Hebe and a new dahlia are all present in this photo!

A gift from my good friends Kim and Judy. I have been wanting a dwarf Lilac and here it is!

Ben in Bend! He is getting so big. That was a fun weekend. Him and I drove to Bend and hung out!


Bridge of Hope said...

He is absolutely adorable! HUGS! XOXO Your garden is looking good :)

Kristina said...

Your garden looks great! I am so jealous! I only have one small tomato plant but it does currently have 7 tomatoes growing on it.