Saturday, September 15, 2012


I just cannot find the time to put anything on my blog.  Those few who do follow probably have stopped as i'm so boring.
Life seems to be to busy for much besides those things that have to be done.

work, gym, boy, husband, etc....

I haven't been feeling very creative lately.  I wish I did. I haven't knitted in so long and gardening well everything I seem to grow turns out to be not edible and gets tossed.

Is it time for Perennial Knitter to say good bye?  Maybe?  I think i need to ponder it for a bit and decide. I feel the day after i quit I will will regret it.  I know I don't get on here much but I know it's here and I might have a small connection with someone out there.

Until I write again send creative vibes my way so I might catch them!


natalie said...

I am here reading your blog. It's entirely up to you! I don't blog as much as I use to but I feel that some month's are better than others. :D See you later, alligator. Natalie

Bridge of Hope said...

Keep blogging! :) I slack more as a new blogger, laughing! xo