Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

This Halloween I decided to dress up.  Why not I got to wear jeans to work on a Wednesday.  Heading home to get my little vampire dressed and ready for some trick or treating or like he say's "trick or treat, money or eats.
Vampire photos to come....
Be safe!


November 1st I am signing up to run my first 10K.  If' I'm up roaming the house at 12:01am I might log on and do it then. 
A 10K is also called a Quarter Marathon- I like the sound of that.  I'm running a Quarter Marathon sounds way more awsome than saying I'm running a stinking 10K.
Hippie Chick is the race and it's in Hillsboro so the route is flat and scenic.  My sister n law has run the Portland Marathon twice and she is thinking of doing the half.  I wish we could run together as it's an all lady run.  Sisters, Mothers and friends get together for a good cause.  I am not at her level and she probably could walk faster than I will be running.

I printed the training schdule for running a 10K.  I modified the week days to match my gym days and rest days.  I have 6 months to train- so I can stretch out the 8 week plan and hopefully the 8th week before the run i will be up to spead and can kick it out.

At the gym I run about a 13-15 minute mile.  I would love to run a 10 minute mile.  The last run I did was the Shamrock run about 10 years ago.  I wanted to finish with out walking which I did and I think I was running a 10 minute mile back then.

This is going to be a big challenge.  I would like to loose some way on the journey.  If I don't I will know I'm healthy and fit.

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Home part II

Now that we have a new home I can post more.  I will have lots of before and after photos!

Going to start painting tomorrow so will have lots of photos soon.

So excited.  Decorating is going to be a bit overwhelming as I have never been very good at it and just piece things together with hand me downs and what ever else I fancy.

Going to be a fun new adventure.

New Home

And it's ours!  We bought our first home.  I never thought I would be able to be a home owner.  Seemed like the hardest thing to ever do in one's life.  Even though many people do it I just never thought I would be able to. 

Well one day I decided to have a look at what houses were selling for these days and was super surprised to see how inexpensive they were right now.  Interest rates are amazingly low.  We felt it was a good time to jump in.

45 days later give or take a day or two we are proud home owners.  We get the keys tonight and the fun starts.

New paint for some of the rooms, some cleaning and then time to start moving in!

We are super happy and very excited to have a home for Ben to grow up in!

Cheers to us!