Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking for Snow

Thinking maybe this weekend we will head to the mountain and look for some snow.  I don't think we will have to go far. 

To let you in on a little secret~ I'm super scared of the mountain

I grew up in MI and then moved to NE.  Flat people I'm talking flat!  I'm not used to no stinking mountain.  People get lost on it.  People die on it.  I know I'm probably being a bit dramatic but I don't care.  It scares me. 

When I drive over it in the summer to visit family and friends in Bend I breath a sigh of relief when I am over it and desending down to level ground.  By the time I hit Warm Springs my breathing is back to normal.  I drive white knuckled and always want to have a car in my vision.  Not like the car ahead of me is going to know that I would need their help.  It's just a nice security knowing they are there and they are going over the mountain with me.

So going to look for snow might only take me to elevaltion of a 1,000 feet! That works for me.
I reallly want Ben to grow up skiing and enjoying the mountain and winter in the NW.  I don't want my fears to hinder his enjoyment.

I think if I take baby steps and I mean baby steps I will over come my fear of the mountain and maybe make it to the 4,000 feet elevation where the real winter fun is.